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Writing 101: Poor Tagging Decisions

Dear Internet Creep with a Slipper Fetish,

I do acknowledge that I have failed to consider the negative consequences of some of my tags on this blog.  Number of times I’ve used the tags “lesbians,” “Nazis,” “gross,” “Masters of Sex,” and “creepy old men”?  Mistake.  Big mistake.

However, I really don’t think I could’ve foreseen the “slippers” tag going so horribly wrong.  I used that particular tag for a photo of my fuzzy blue slippers (you can’t even see my ankles) without thinking about you and the other creeps of the internet.

It’s a strange world we live in when you search for “slippers fetish out” and get my blog as one of your results.  Sorry to disappoint you, but you’re not going to find porn on this blog. I admit I am a bit more cautious when tagging my posts now.  Creeps of the internet, I don’t want you here any more than I’m sure you want to be here.

I suppose you might argue that if I don’t want creeps to visit my blog, I could always just stop blogging because that’s probably the kind of person you are.  Fuck it, though, right?  I could post a picture of my elbow and some weird dude would get turned on.  If I avoided doing something every time someone made me uncomfortable, I would never leave the house again (it’s so tempting, isn’t it?).  There’s no way I’m going to stop posting pictures of my slippers/elbows/whatnot.  I have pretty sexy elbows, honestly.

I hope you find the fuzziest slippers in existence and are very happy with them.

Best wishes,


P.S. Fellow bloggers, what are the weirdest search terms that have brought people to your blog? The librarian in me loves this kind of shit.

7 thoughts on “Writing 101: Poor Tagging Decisions”

  1. This is the greatest post! I just checked my search terms for the day and got: pink flamingos birthday party scene and emoji arm – which basically sums me up 7 words. I am delighted. No perverts today, although that party scene ain’t for the fainthearted. BIG LOVE ❤

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  2. Hahahahaha that is amazing. On checking mine, I’ve found that “www.lovely matured pics . quotes” which I am assuming they did not find on my site, and also “why pointless tv shows are bad” which I am confused about as never have I blogged on such a topic, but it seems oddly specific…
    Yours are funnier, I think you’ll have to keep getting your elbows and slippers out to keep us amused. xx


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