Who are you?

My name’s Jillian, a librarian with an appreciation of the absurd, the melodramatic, and the terrible.

What is the purpose of your blog?

Along with my blog wife Christa, I watch films and review them for the entertainment of myself and others.  Bad movies receive a lot of time and attention here, as they make for some of the best watching and reviewing, especially if you like to be a jerk (and I do).

Aren’t you worried about copyright?

NO.  I’ve got Stanford on my side!  But seriously…I’m using this blog primarily to give myself a hobby.  The content used in this blog is for critiquing purposes only.  I don’t profit from it or from any advertisements that may appear on this site.  To paraphrase:  fair use fair use fair use fair use.

What movies do you refuse to watch?

There’s not a lot I won’t watch.  No porn or anything overly exploitative because, let’s face it, those types of films aren’t really made with a critical eye in mind.  Also Star Trek V because I’ve tried to watch it on several occasions and found it utterly unwatchable (not because it’s a porno).  Probably no Disney Channel original movies either.

Will you watch [insert movie title here]?

Possibly.  Why not message me, email me, or fill out a contact form and ask?

If you have more questions, feel free to fill out the contact form below.

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